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Our goal is to keep folks informed of upcoming events, neighborhood concerns, the work your elected officials are doing to improve our neighborhood and other tidbits of information that might just be entertaining or helpful! These newsletters will be available in both printed and email formats.  Please feel free to contact Jim Lampe ( or any of your Board, your neighbors, with any info. You may also call 445-3055.

A Letter from our President October 2008

Letter from the President

As of the writing of this letter, our homes, yards, and attitudes have taken a positive turn since the deluge of June. A multitude of meetings, including our neighborhood, our City officials, a Flood Mitigation Committee, the City Council of Madison, the DNR, and the County Board have committed to help resolve our ongoing concerns. To that end, the City of Monona has hired Chuck Nahn to help analyze potential solutions to this concern.  Since the formation of the Flood Mitigation Committee in April, we have seen a concerted effort toward providing the security of our properties through better communication.   Since our elections in August, your neighborhood association has been moving forward with the plans of the prior leadership-which had set the stage so beautifully.  Ultimately, we have a distance to go before reaching the original goal of becoming the Venice of the West. But, as you will read, we are working diligently on your behalf to minimize that gap! Please join us this upcoming Tuesday at the Library (7 pm) for a meeting to review our progress and to learn more of the plans for a home-by-home physical survey by Chuck Nahn of Nahn and Associates the following week.

Jim Lampe, BINA President, 1402 Neponset Trail





*      The BINA Board: The 2008-2009 Belle Isle Neighborhood Assn Board:

President – Jim Lampe                                                  Vice President – Susan Manning

Secretary – Bill Bland                                                     Treasurer – Rebecca Glassel

Director – Mike Brunet                                                  Director – Tim Stanton

Director – Bill Arnold


*      The BINA Residents Committee: Mike Brunet continues to make progress investigating options for a neighborhood sign. There has been a concern noted from a neighbor about adding a sign, and a few comments in favor of it. The research continues…..

*      The Park Planning Committee:   Oneida Park Planning Update 9/29/08, Courtesy of Tamara O’Brien
The City has been working with surveyors, Belle Isle residents, and contractors since Labor Day to determine the strategy for preparing the playground equipment site so that it does not flood. Currently, the City is in the process of choosing a contractor to complete the playground site prep. Lee Recreation, the company that is supplying the playground equipment, will be installing the new park equipment on Monday, October 20th and Tuesday, October 21st, as our "supervised community installation". Between City employees and residents, we need to provide the manpower to complete the installation, which saves us $4000 in installation costs! So, if you're the kind of person that isn't afraid to buy something with "some assembly required", please mark your calendars to help out on October 20th and/or 21st. Please call me (Tammy O'Brien, 221-3308), if you're able to help on those dates, and I can give you more details. Unfortunately, the site preparation and the late-October date of installation means that we will postpone the Grand Opening Celebration of the park and the related Neighborhood Picnic until Spring of next year. We thank you for your patience, as we've come up against obstacles over the past year, but you can look forward to finally seeing some park equipment installed yet this year! What a big accomplishment for our neighborhood. Thanks, again, to all who generously donated to make this new playground a reality!


*      T-Shirt Fundraiser: We have a few shirts left. Don’t be the last kid in school without one! If you are interested in ordering items that will support BINA, please contact Rebecca at or 223-0873. We hope to have a list of even more items available soon!


*      Shoreline improvement, Flood mitigation and Channel Dredging:  An update from Bill Arnold! 

Chapter 30 Dredging Permits - “Issued!!!”

Cami Peterson, WDNR Water Management Official confirmed on September 26 that she mailed four Chapter 30 dredging permits to the City of Monona.  Those permits allow Monona to proceed with dredging the Lagoon du Nord and Sumac Channels and two boats launches as outlined in their application.  The plan includes drying and using the dredged material as fill in Oneida Park.


The City has two years to complete the project.  The City can now apply for a Recreational Boating Grant to assist funding the project.  BINA plans to actively support any City effort to seek funding for dredging with Mark Miller and other elected officials.  BINA also discussed participating in funding a handicapped fishing / kayak dock in Winnequah Park to increase our prospects of grant funding. 


*      Chuck Nahn, of Nahn and Associates, will be conducting a door-to-door assessment or at-risk structure inventory be conducted on Sunday October 12th from 10 to 3, and the following Tuesday (14th) evening from 4 to 7 pm. If your home had absolutely no impact from the water issues, please feel free to bring the completed survey to the meeting (where Chuck will speak) on Tuesday evening, send it with a neighbor, or drop it off at 1402 Neponset Trail. Otherwise, You may email Chuck at


*      The flood Mitigation Committee met on Monday evening, Sept. 29th to continue work on plans for updating a scheme to avoid future issues. Jeff WIswell is having Chuck Nahn (through the grant) run some models on lake levels so that the committee can have that information to finalize the resolution for the Monona City Council on lowering lake levels.


* Getting better and more informative all the time! Keep checking in for updates and info!




In order to cover costs of meeting spaces, printing, events and in the interest of getting funds started for future projects we would like to suggest annual dues of $20 per household.  Any amount that you can contribute is greatly appreciated and will be held in the Belle Isle Neighborhood Association bank account. Please direct any due submissions or questions to Rebecca Glassel at 1120 Birch Haven Circle or call 223-0873.  Rebecca will be keeping the neighborhood informed of expenses incurred and plans for future needs and costs throughout the year. Again, this is only a suggested amount and is not a requirement of the Belle Isle Neighborhood Association.  This is only a guideline to help those currently covering costs out of their own pocket and for future projects and fun! Any help, monetary or otherwise is appreciated!



  1. Obtain Background Information – Nahn and Associates will meet with city staff to gather background data for this study. (16 hours)


  1. Attend Flood Control Meetings (throughout project)- Nahn and Associates will meet with the neighborhood association, city staff, City Ad-hoc Flood Mitigation Committee, City Public Works Committee and City Common Council throughout this project to obtain input and disseminate information concerning the project. This proposal assumes no more than 9 meetings will be required. (36 hours)


  1. Inventory Electrical Equipment and Basements- Nahn and Associates will document the existence of electrical equipment and basements for the homes on Belle Isle by conducting a house-to-house survey. This inventory will also document frequently flooded areas and at-risk structures.  (40 hours)


  1. Analyze Flood proofing Alternatives for Belle Isle- Nahn and Associates will analyze floodproofing alternatives on an individual basis for the low lying structures in Belle Isle including berms, structural flood proofing, flood walls, and other alternatives.  This analysis will include estimates of probable cost for the alternatives and a prioritized list for recommended flood proofing alternatives ( 240 hours)


  1. Update Attachment 1 of Dane County AHMP and Write Feasibility Report- Nahn and Associates will write a feasibility report documenting the results of this floodproofing alternative analysis study including  high–risk structure identification, prioritized floodproofing alternatives, cost estimates and future recommendations. This feasibility report will be included as an updated Attachment 1 to the Dane County All Hazard Mitigation Plan (AHMP). (40 hours)


  1. Obtain Public Input and Review of Draft Plan- Nahn and Associates will incorporate public comments into the final Attachment 1. (8 hours)


  1. Obtain State and FEMA Review of Draft Plan- Nahn and Associates will incorporate state and FEMA review comments into the final Attachment 1. (8 hours)


  1. Adopt Amendment to County AHMP- After all review comments have been incorporated into Attachment 1, Nahn and Associates will attend a meeting with Dane County to formally adopt this amendment to the County AHMP.( 4 hours)




                a. Name?

                b. Address?

                c. Length of time lived there?

                d. Age of House?

                e. Plans of house? (Type i.e. Ranch, two story, etc.)



                a. Basement or crawl space?

                                i. Sump pump (if basement) (# and size of pumps and crocs)?


                                ii. Exposure (if basement)


                                iii. Height of exposure?

                                iv. Type of Basement wall (Masonry or Concrete)?

                                v. Inside/outside drain tile?


                                vi. Location of Electrical Equipment?


                b. Known existence of mold?


                c. Known lowest structural elevation



                a. Flooding Dates?


                b. Pictures/Video of Flooding?


                c. Flooding Damages?


                d. Sanitary sewer backup?


                e. Extent of Flooding? (Yard/ House)


                f. Known high water marks?


                g. Past Flood Control lot improvements?


a.       Past FEMA assistance?


                i. Flooding from surface or groundwater?


                j. Location of utilities (below slab or above)?