Belle Isle Neighborhood Annual Meeting

August 18, 2008

1.       Lutheran Social Service: Judy Knolde and Tom Priske discussed briefly their purpose for being around the neighborhood. They have been handing out fliers and talking to residents about the emotional concerns that people may have due to the flooding that has happened. LSS received a grant from FEMA to do this work. Residents should not be alarmed; LSS staff typically have red shirts and have nothing to sell; they’re simply checking in with people to see if they need any emotional help due to the flooding.

2.       Elections. The 2008-2009 Belle Isle Neighborhood Assn Board:

a.       President – Jim Lampe

b.      Vice President – Susan Manning

c.       Secretary – Bill Bland

d.      Treasurer – Rebecca Glassel

e.      Director – Mike Brunet

f.        Director – Tim Stanton

g.       Director – Bill Arnold

Congratulations to the new Board!

3.       Parks Update (Tammy O’Brien)

a.       Equipment installation hopefully yet this year. Tammy to continue talking with the City and to work with Jim Lampe and other experts to insist that the City ensure that there won’t be future flooding problems in the location of the park.

b.      A picnic will be scheduled for hopefully after the equipment installation, but will be scheduled shortly if the City cannot soon commit to an installation date.

c.       Tammy will check in with City about the purpose for the piles of fill that are in Oneida, and how long they will be there

d.      Other initiatives that will be pursued after the equipment is installed:

                                                              i.      Bulletin Board for park

                                                            ii.      Shelter improvements

                                                          iii.      Punch lock on the bathrooms

4.       Flooding Update (Megan Nicholson)

a.       Jim Lampe and potentially Tim Stanton will be point on pushing the neighborhood interests with the City, which will replace the role Megan Nicholson has been graciously playing.

b.      Clean up – could the City arrange for the prisoners to help in sandbag removal? Clean up will likely not start for another 4-8 weeks.

c.       Shoreline improvement

                                                              i.      could the neighborhood association form a not-for-profit corporation to improve the ability to attain good pricing from engineering services, bids, in re-designing shorelines to avoid flooding?

                                                            ii.      Pull together a meeting at which any resident that is actively interested in or pursuing shoreline/property improvement could attend and receive advice from Chuck Nahn, who has been hired (with a FEMA grant) to analyze flooding mitigation options for Belle Isle.

d.      Lake Levels

                                                              i.      The Madison City Council approved a request to research levels of Mendota. It was encouraged that we endorse this and request a similar study of the levels of Monona.

                                                            ii.      At the meeting, there was a motion to encourage the Monona City Council to research Monona lake levels and endorse the Mendota lake level study. It is hoped that this kind of study will illuminate issues of drainage, which may be a root cause of the reason Monona stays so high. The Board may circulate a petition to the neighborhood to garner support to research Mendota and Monona lake levels and then to act on the recommendations put forth.

                                                          iii.      The new Board will appoint someone or select members to hold the Monona Flood Mitigation Committee more accountable in impacting flooding issues such as: lake levels, drainage to Waubesa/Kegonsa,  and shoreline improvement.

5.       Dredging Update (Bill Arnold)

a.       The chapter 30 permit did not have any negative feedback from the community, and a public hearing will not be held. Bill Arnold indicated that the WDNR indicated that they would send the permit to the City of Monona, with a few minor modifications, within the next 10 days.

b.      Next steps: Rich Vela plans to put together an RFP to hire an engineer to write the RFP for the dredging project. They are anticipating that the actual dredging may take place in late summer/fall 2009.

c.       The grants will start to be written. The City may continue to pursue the Floating Dock at the Winnequah Park end of the Lagoon du Nord, which could greatly improve our chances of getting the Recreational Boating grant to subsidize the costs of the dredging project.

                                                              i.      Would Rutabaga be willing to donate a floating dock to the City? The new Board to follow up.

6.       Adjournment.

Thanks much to the 2007-2008 Belle Isle Neighborhood Assn Board for their service in getting issues moving and to Allen Rieland for maintaining our well-crafted website!