BINA Board Meeting, Monday, July 14, 2008 7PM

Held at: Mike Brunet’s home, 5716 Winnequah Trail

Present:  Bill Arnold, Mike Brunet, Tammy O’Brien, Larry Miller


  1. Treasurer’s Report (Rebecca) – no update.
    • Verbal account activity
    • Tee-shirt Sale Update


  1. Flood Event next steps (Megan) – no update.
    • Thank yous
    • Clean up
    • Other?


  1. Dredging Project Update (Bill)
    • Archeological survey results

                                                               i.      no significant activity” found.

                                                             ii.      Not sure what the end date of the 90-day period.

    • Chapter 30 status

                                                               i.      Completion of application as of July 10th

                                                             ii.      Public notices sent via Certified mail, which begins the 30-day comment period.

                                                            iii.      Chuck Nahn recommends no comment – neither positive nor negative.

                                                           iv.      If public hearing, then neighborhood needs to come out in support.

    • Next steps

                                                               i.      City to budget for the dredging.

                                                             ii.      Collect RFPs

                                                            iii.      Prepare a contract and collect bids

                                                           iv.      Summer 2009 is best-case scenario to complete the dredging.


  1. Brief Project Updates:
    • Neighborhood Meeting – Monday, August 18th @ 6:30PM at the Library Forum Room. Tammy to put flier together within the next 2 weeks. Deliver by August 10th. Hopefully the flier will include dates for Community Installation (of Park equipment) and Neighborhood Picnic / Grand Opening Celebration.
    • Website (Allen or Megan) – no update.
    • Neighborhood sign (Mike) – no updates since the last meeting. City Engineer has been busy with flooding.
    • Park Planning (Tammy)

                                                               i.      Park equipment approved at 7/7 City Council meeting.

                                                             ii.      Next steps are to set dates for the Community Installation and Park Grand Opening/Neighborhood Picnic.

    • Neighborhood Picnic (Tammy)

                                                               i.      Need to nail down the Parks Dept on a date. Not sure when they will be willing to commit to a date, given the recurrent rains.


  1. Other items – none.


  1. Adjourn