BINA Board Meeting, Monday, April 28, 2008 7PM

Held at: Tim and Megan Nicholson’s house, 1202 Nishishin Tr.

Present:  Tim & Megan Nicholson, Rebecca Glassel, Bill Arnold, Tammy O’Brien



  1. Treasurer’s Report
    • Account activity – instead of printing, will just do a verbal update at future meetings. Current Balance $296.
    • Tee-shirt Sale Update – Sherry is still trying to have the artwork configured, so that it will print out appropriately. By the end of May shirts should be ready to be delivered.
    • Rebecca will look into another bank that has no monthly charge. Rebecca will also try to waive the fee at Monona State Bank first.


  1. Flood Event next steps
    1. Berming article for the newsletter

·        Bill will write this for the next newsletter.

    1. Flooding process chart – Megan

·        Rich Vela and Pat Marsh have been great to work with. Rich has been calling the locks, had notified the Prisoners when the water was getting high, etc.

·        Megan handed out the Protocol for Increasing Water Levels – Belle Isle, which will be posted on the website. This will also be posted at the City by Pat Marsh and Rich Vela.

·        One of the water skier Board members objected to the slow-no-wake being in the written process; Megan will take that off the process she submits to the City, but will likely call to request if she thinks it is necessary.


  1. Dredging Project Update
    • Archeological survey is in process? Bill to confirm with City. Pat had told Bill that he authorized Rich to contract for the work.
    • Rich Vela thought that the dredging project should be done in Spring (2009) vs the Fall.
    • We will find out whether our Chapter 30 permit is granted after the archeological study is complete.


  1. Newsletter
    • Article Ideas:

                                                               i.      What You Can Do About Unfair Property Assessments (Robin W)

                                                             ii.      To Berm or Not to Berm? (Bill)

                                                            iii.      FEMA (Megan)

                                                           iv.      Elections notice (Megan)

    • Articles by when? By May 12th at 7:08 PM J
    • Distribution by when? By the end of May.


  1. Updates:
    • Website (Allen or Megan)

                                                               i.      Going to post the flooding process

                                                             ii.      Tammy to update project timelines

    • Neighborhood sign (All) – The board read through the project update from Mike Brunet.

                                                               i.      Pros:

1.      Community pride

2.      Good for re-sale

3.      Encourages civic participation

4.      Identifies a neighborhood

                                                             ii.      Cons:

1.      Generate traffic

2.      Waste of money

3.      Loss of privacy

                                                            iii.      Conclusion: the Board is fully supportive of the sign project and feel the the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

    • Park Planning (Tammy)

                                                               i.      Park Equipment

1.      One of the spring bouncers (the third) will be replaced with a 9’ climber.

2.      Rubberific under all equipment – existing and new.

                                                             ii.      Community Build Event, Sat – TBD

1.      Saves $4000 in installation costs.

                                                            iii.      Other ideas:

1.      Dog Friendly

2.      Bulletin Board

3.      Regular Volleyball Games this summer?

4.      Beautification; trees, bushes, etc.

5.      Punch code lock for bathrooms

    • Neighborhood Picnic (Tammy) – TBD. Will be the park grand opening.
    • Street Improvements (Larry) – deferred.

                                                               i.      We’d like to focus on street improvements after completing the dredging project, park improvements, and shoreline improvement.


  1. Other items
    • Memorial Day Parade Belle Isle float – “It takes an Island to raise a Family”
    • Upcoming elections

                                                               i.      Re-elections every year for every position.

                                                             ii.      Elections to be held at annual meetings in August or Fall.

1.      President

2.      Vice President

3.      Secretary

4.      Treasurer

5.      3 Directors

                                                            iii.      Tammy will still be point on Parks

                                                           iv.      Megan will still be point on Flooding

                                                             v.      Bill would like to continue to be on the Board, and will likely re-run.

  1. Adjourned