BINA Board Meeting, Sunday, Feb 10, 2008 3PM

Held at: Bill Arnold’s house

Present:  All.

Guest: None.


  1. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Account activity
    2. Tee-shirt Sale Update

                                                               i.      Championship Award tee shirts still at Rebecca’s house.

                                                             ii.      $37 fee to convert graphic, to be paid for by the Association. Delay, but able to be here by Spring yardwork. Gilden coming out with a better “Bella” tee-shirt. Will distribute Dan’s tee-shirts with the rest.

                                                            iii.      Rebecca will contact Dan about the decision made at last Board meeting regarding giving Dan all of the revenue from the shirts that do match our order.


  1. Flood Event next steps
    1. Berming article for the newsletter – Bill will write this for the next newsletter. The current newsletter is full at 3 pages.
    2. Flooding process chart – Megan/Susan/Tammy. Megan will set up some time with Susan. Tammy can help flowchart in MS Visio. This may be a pressing need with all of the snow melt expected this spring.


  1. Dredging Project Update

a.       Chapter 30 application has not been submitted (as of the meeting). Update as of 2/11/08: The application has been submitted! Pat Marsch requested Nahn to write a Resolution for the Park and Rec Committee to discuss approval of the floating dock (which can be paid for by the Sport Fishing Grant). Tim and Bill will attend the Park and Rec Committee meeting when this is discussed.

b.      Nahn already wrote the two grants (Recreational Boating Facility & Sport Fishing), which are ready for submission after approval has been granted. Nahn is “on hold”.

a.       Sport Fishing – needs City approval, can submit prior to submitting the grant. This would pay for the floating dock.

c.       City does not have any money budgeted for 2008 for this project.

d.      Project Documentation was picked up from Sam Rassumussen and transferred to Bill Arnold, who will copy all of the materials, so that Sam can retain the originals.

e.       Next steps:

a.       Assemble a TEAM of people to represent the Channel Residents to push this forward. Some nominees: Jesse O’Brien, Rob Everhart in addition to Bill Arnold and Tim Nicholson. Split the following tasks among team members.

b.      Contact DNR to find out status/prospect of approval. Intent is to identify/fix any objections prior to declining our request for Chapter 30 permit.

Assuming Chapter 30 Approval:

c.       Attend City Council meeting to inform of approval and the specific plans to move the project forward.

                                                                                       i.      Next Meetings: Feb 18, Mar 3, Mar 17

d.      Attend Public Works and Park & Rec meetings to provide project updates and next steps.

                                                                                       i.      Next Meetings Public Works – Feb 11, ???

                                                                                     ii.      Next Meetings Park & Rec – Feb 12, ???

e.       Contact Chuck Nahn regarding how to pay for floating dock. Work with City (Public Works – Mark Modaff?) to purchase and install.

f.        Contact Chuck Nahn regarding grant applications. Establish timeline of when grants will be submitted/approved. Find out how Chuck has been/will be paid for his services.

g.       Work with City Engineer? to distribute and collect RFPs from contractors to do the actual dredging work. Are there current RFPs already on file that need to be updated?

h.       Contact City Administrator (Patrick Marsch) to determine payment plan for the project; are there contingency funds available? Special assessment for channel property owners?

  1. Newsletter
    1. Review – OK’d by the Board.
    2. Distribution

                                                               i.      Tammy – Pochahontas

                                                             ii.      Mike – Winnequah Trail

                                                            iii.      Larry – Nishishin

                                                           iv.      Megan/Tim – Neponset & Tecumseh

                                                             v.      Rebecca/Bill – Birch Haven


  1. Updates if necessary on:
    1. Website – project timelines, phone numbers of point people requested prior to distribution of newsletter, for any questions from residents as we hand out the newsletter. (Tammy will submit to Allen)
    2. Neighborhood sign
    3. Park Enhancement next steps – Park Planning Committee to work with Park and Rec to determine how to spend the $20,000. Order the large piece of play equipment for installation in early Spring.
    4. Neighborhood Picnic – June. Will be a Grand Opening for the Park. Will also be an opportunity for a neighborhood meeting to discuss hot topics.


  1. Bulletin Board in the Park - Park Planning Committee owns this task. Not discussed at the meeting.


  1. Property Assessment complaints – Owner? Houses need to sell lower than their assessed value.


    1. Website – how to look up your assessments, and how to contest.
    2. Future article items – Ask Robin Winistorfer if she has any expertise to offer regarding this topic. (Larry?)


  1. Other items


    1. Street Improvements – the next big issue (after Dredging), per Larry Miller.

                                                               i.      If no curb, residents pay 100% of cost.

                                                             ii.      If residents pay curb and gutter, City will pay for 60% of street improvements. Concern about increased flooding if no curb.

                                                            iii.      Confirm the above two bullet points to be true?