Minutes from the Belle Isle Area Neighborhood Association Meeting
July 7, 2004

Summary of Minutes Call to order 6:30pm

Our speakers, Ken Johnson and Kevin Connors, were not available for this meeting but are willing to attend the next one which will be scheduled with them. We discussed focusing on the control and adjustment of lake levels and working with the City of Monona and Dane County. We will ask the Dane County speakers to discuss the standard used to make adjustments to our lake levels at our next meeting.

Allen Rieland has provided us with a website: www.belleisle.org . It includes information about our water concerns, neighborhood, pictures and links to various websites of interest including the Dane County website that gives information about lake levels. We hope to use this website to disseminate information on the activities of our association as well as on the status of our flooding problems. The date, time and agenda for the next meeting will be posted here.

We found that we have questions about the weed cutting schedule, the intent and success of the work. The June 2nd pick-up has not occurred yet and we have no information at present on their plans. Some spraying of weeds on Monona as been done but the job isn't complete and some who have signed up to be sprayed have not yet received treatment. We will seek information on this and post it also.

We discussed future meeting dates. There is a sailing club conflict with Wednesdays and a youth athletic league conflict with Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are looking at a Tuesday or Thursday after August 12 to avoid both problems.

We considered putting out an e-mail list limited to members to facilitate communication. Various documents and informational items could be mailed quickly and easily. We will include a discussion on this at the next meeting if there is time and a sample list will be available.

Susan Manning announced that she has been nominated to serve on the City of Monona Flood Mitigation Committee. Susan and I will meet with the City Administrator Friday, July 9th and may learn more.

We discussed the continuing problems with street flooding at the ends of the Nishishin Trail NE and Pocahontas streets and Oneida Park. We will be discussing these issues with the City.

The upstream issues were reviewed. We plan to obtain more information about who controls and regulates the retention ponds and storm sewers for all the new developments. The chart available on the website shows the lake levels thru June 18 and although both have gone down since despite the recent rains, there is a significant difference between Mendota and Monona. We were informed that there is a regulation that new construction provides for containment of run-off but that seems to end with the completion of the job in most cases. Also storm sewers draw off the containment ponds found in many new developments. We need information about the regulation of this.

Keep tuned in for further important announcements and updates.

---Submitted by Susan Manning, Secretary as edited by Larry Miller

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